About Us

Music and dance works wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing.   Our practice sessions are always open for anyone to come and have a go, so if you fancy feeling a bit of rhythm, working up a sweat and then quenching your thirst with a pint, why not come and join us for a bit of a social workout with hankies and sticks.  Just bring yourself and a happy disposition.  We can teach you the rest.  We meet on Thursday evenings, 8.OOpm, in the Town Hall, Brackley, NN13 7DS.

Brackley Morris Men Sulgrave Manor

Brackley is located in the South West corner of Northamptonshire.   The Brackley Morris Men are listed by the Morris Ring as one of only eight remaining ‘traditional’ Cotswold Morris sides in England, and are the only one to survive in Northamptonshire.  The choruses and figures of our dances are unique to Brackley and,  with four hundred years of history behind us, we are valued as a colourful part of Northamptonshire’s local heritage.  

As with most Cotswold sides, we wear white shirts and trousers.  However the men each choose their own colours for baldrics and rosettes, a practice thought to date back to the time when the men went touring from Brackley and picked up dancers from other local villages on the way.

Our annual outings are on May Day, St Georges Day, Boxing Day and over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We also perform at fete’s and other social throughout the year.

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